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pruning and cutting tools click to hear : pruning and cutting tools

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billhook pruning knife sickle pruning shears pruning saw grafting knife

billhook click to hear : billhook

Tool with a powerful hooked blade, used especially to cut branches and undergrowth.

pruning knife click to hear : pruning knife

Small billhook for cutting small branches or performing various tasks requiring a light cut.

sickle click to hear : sickle

Tool with a crescent-shaped blade attached to a short handle, for cutting grass in areas that are inaccessible to a lawn mower.

pruning shears click to hear : pruning shears

Tool resembling large scissors, used mainly for cutting stems and small branches.

pruning saw click to hear : pruning saw

Handsaw with a straight or slightly curved blade, used to cut relatively large branches.

grafting knife click to hear : grafting knife

Small pointed knife, very sharp, designed to make grafting cuts.