A multilingual dictionary featuring over 8,000 high-definition images labeled and explained by 25,000 words in five languages that name and describe our contemporary world.

Showing, naming, explaining:
these are the three functions of Merriam-Webster The Visual + dictionary, making it an indispensable tool for learning a foreign language or discovering the world around you.

With this new tablet app, get easy offline access* to the following content:

  • 8,000 high-definition images covering 900 subjects from all areas of daily life;
  • 25,000 words in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Italian);
  • Concise definitions and encyclopedic notes in English and French offering even more meaning to the illustrated items.

* No internet connection required, except for initial installation and updates.

Use the search engine to find a word in any of the dictionary’s five languages, or navigate intuitively in the tree-like structure of the 18 main themes to find the image you are looking for and all related terminology.

18 themes

Hover your pointer over the icons to see the different themes.

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