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sewing machine click to hear : sewing machine

Machine used to assemble two pieces of fabric by means of a series of stitches made with a needle and thread.
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presser foot bobbin feed dog needle slide plate hinged presser foot thread trimmer presser bar needle clamp needle clamp screw thread guide needle bar

presser foot click to hear : presser foot

Part of the sewing machine that keeps the fabric flat against the feed dogs during sewing.

bobbin click to hear : bobbin

Spool on which the lower thread is wound.

feed dog click to hear : feed dog

Each of the pointed metal pieces that move the fabric while sewing.

needle click to hear : needle

Metal stem that passes the thread through the fabric to form a stitch.

slide plate click to hear : slide plate

Plate that slides open, providing access to the lower stitching components.

hinged presser foot click to hear : hinged presser foot

Articulated end of the presser foot; it consists of two branches between which the needle passes.

thread trimmer click to hear : thread trimmer

Slit in which the threads are inserted to cut them after sewing.

presser bar click to hear : presser bar

Cylindrical rod that ends in the presser foot.

needle clamp click to hear : needle clamp

Part in which the needle shank is inserted.

needle clamp screw click to hear : needle clamp screw

Part that secures the needle shank to the needle clamp.

thread guide click to hear : thread guide

Part that guides the thread toward the eye of the needle.

needle bar click to hear : needle bar

Cylindrical rod that supports the needle clamp at its lower end and produces the up-and-down movement of the needle.