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Navigating the dictionary

The Visual Dictionary Web site features a tree structure. The 17 themes at the top of the structure are divided into subthemes, and then into topics and subtopics. These increasingly specific levels are represented by clickable thumbnails, which provide access to the dictionary’s content pages. You can explore the dictionary by clicking these thumbnail images, or by selecting a theme in the scroll-own menu appearing at all times at the top of the page.

During your consultation, you can also use the breadcrumb navigation mode to go back up the hierarchy of content. In order to do this, simply click the name of the theme, subtheme or topic that you want to access, which are listed in the sequence right below the search engine. For example, in the content page entitled “structure of a moss’’, the sequence “HOME :: VEGETABLE KINGDOM :: MOSS :: STRUCTURE OF A MOSS” will appear, giving you the complete path between the main theme and the precise illustration you are viewing.

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Exploring the content of a page

Clicking a term in a content page will bring you directly to its definition on the page. You can consult related content by clicking one of the thumbnail images in the “See also” section. When more than five thumbnail images are available in this section, use the arrows to scroll down the list. A thumbnail image may also appear directly under the definition of a term if there is another closely related content page.

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Listening to how a term is pronounced

In a content page, you can hear how a term is pronounced by clicking the audio icon that appears beside the term. A contextual window will open up. Click the audio icon in this window to launch or relaunch the audio file reading.

If you are using Firefox, you may have difficulties using the terminology pronunciation module. In case of a recurring problem, we suggest that you try with Internet Explorer or Safari.

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Searching for an image

You can use the index search engine to find a term or image in the dictionary. Start by inputting the word or letter combination you are looking for, then click on the “Search” button or press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Click the result that best matches your search.

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Blogging an image

You can add any image to your blog by clicking on the “Blog this” link at the top of the content page. A new page will appear, displaying a thumbnail version of the selected image. Simply copy the HTML tag provided and paste it into your blog.

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How to play the game

Click on the “Start” button to launch the game. The object of the game is to put the terms associated with an image in the right place. To do this, slide the active term to the appropriate box or click the box. If it’s the right box, a new term will appear at the bottom of the screen. Repeat until all terms are correctly positioned.

You can click on the double arrow at the bottom of the screen to skip the current term and return to it later. The statistics given at the end of the game indicate the ratio between the number of successful tries and the total number of tries for the current game.

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Subscribing to “Game of the week”

To sign up for the “Game of the week,” click the “Subscribe” submenu in the “Games” menu at the top of the screen, fill in the short electronic form and click “Subscribe.” An e-mail confirming your registration will be sent to you shortly thereafter.

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Privacy policy

You are presently using a Web site from the Ikonet Network, owned by QA International. QA International fully respects your rights to privacy and follows the practices described in its privacy policy with regard to any information collected from users of its Web sites.

For further details, see our Privacy policy.

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