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equipment click to hear : equipment

Materials, instruments and accessories used to create a drawing or painting.
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ink watercolor/gouache cakes watercolor/gouache tube oil paint charcoal felt tip pen marker pen

ink click to hear : ink

Liquid preparation, black or colored, used to write or draw.

watercolor/gouache cakes click to hear : watercolor/gouache cakes

Small watercolor or gouache disks inserted into cells to prevent the colors from mixing.

watercolor/gouache tube click to hear : watercolor/gouache tube

Tube containing watercolor or gouache in paste form.

oil paint click to hear : oil paint

Oil-based pigment that comes in a tube; the artist uses oil or essences to dilute it and prepare it for application.

charcoal click to hear : charcoal

Stick of charcoal used for sketching; it erases easily.

felt tip pen click to hear : felt tip pen

Pen whose felt tip is permeated with ink; it comes in a variety of colors.

marker pen click to hear : marker pen

Bevel-tipped color felt pen of variable size.