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equipment click to hear : equipment

Materials, instruments and accessories used to create a drawing or painting.
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flat brush brush fan brush sumi-e brush reservoir-nib pen painting knife spatula

flat brush click to hear : flat brush

Brush made from natural or synthetic bristles affixed to a handle and used mostly for oil painting on large surfaces.

brush click to hear : brush

Natural or synthetic bristles attached to a handle, used for spreading paint, varnish or stain on a base.

fan brush click to hear : fan brush

Brush used to achieve color gradations by blending colors that have already been applied to a canvas.

sumi-e brush click to hear : sumi-e brush

Brush made from natural bristles affixed to a bamboo handle and used for drawing with India ink.

reservoir-nib pen click to hear : reservoir-nib pen

Drawing instrument with a curved tip containing a small amount of ink.

painting knife click to hear : painting knife

Instrument with a trowel-shaped blade used to mix colors and to spread them on and remove them from the canvas.

spatula click to hear : spatula

Instrument with a flat flexible blade used to mix colors, spread them on a canvas or scrape down the palette.