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major techniques click to hear : major techniques

The processes used to execute drawings and paintings.
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wax crayon drawing colored pencil drawing oil pastel drawing dry pastel drawing felt tip pen drawing gouache watercolor oil painting charcoal drawing ink drawing

wax crayon drawing click to hear : wax crayon drawing

Technique used mostly by children to create a precise line and a brilliant color effect.

colored pencil drawing click to hear : colored pencil drawing

Technique for combining precise lines with color, and then applying layers of color to achieve new shades.

oil pastel drawing click to hear : oil pastel drawing

Technique that provides a bold stroke similar to that of an oil painting.

dry pastel drawing click to hear : dry pastel drawing

Technique whose powdery line creates a velvety effect.

felt tip pen drawing click to hear : felt tip pen drawing

Technique for producing precise lines and gradations of color.

gouache click to hear : gouache

Mixture of roughly ground pigment and chalk agglutinated with a water-soluble binder; when it is diluted, an opaque effect is created.

watercolor click to hear : watercolor

Mixture of pigment powder agglutinated with a water-soluble binder; when it is diluted, a transparent effect is created.

oil painting click to hear : oil painting

Technique used to achieve an opaque, transparent, matte or brilliant finish, depending on the composition of the paint.

charcoal drawing click to hear : charcoal drawing

Sketching technique that can create tones ranging from the darkest blacks to the lightest grays.

ink drawing click to hear : ink drawing

Technique usually involving the use of a pen to create fine and precise lines.