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trimming click to hear : trimming

The process of evening the edges of a signature using a board cutter.
trimming image
achat d'image achat d'image

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board cutter ruler cutting guide gauge table clamp blade lever fixed blade cutting blade

board cutter click to hear : board cutter

Piece of equipment used to make square cuts in paper, cardboard, transparencies, etc.

ruler click to hear : ruler

Graduated scale used to measure length.

cutting guide click to hear : cutting guide

Groove in which the gauge moves along the ruler.

gauge click to hear : gauge

Movable square parallel to the fixed blade for adjusting the position and dimensions of a signature.

table click to hear : table

clamp click to hear : clamp

Piece lowered onto the signature to keep it in place under pressure.

blade lever click to hear : blade lever

Arm used to raise and lower the cutting blade.

fixed blade click to hear : fixed blade

Fixed blade attached to the board cutter table.

cutting blade click to hear : cutting blade

Blade that moves vertically to cut signature edges.