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equipment click to hear : equipment

Collective term for the materials, instruments and tools used for engraving and printing.
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achat d'image achat d'image

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dabber hand vise smoking-apparatus smoking candle tarlatan oilstone varnish-roller

dabber click to hear : dabber

Instrument made up of a handle placed in a cotton wad and wrapped in silk; it is used to spread varnish on the plate.

hand vise click to hear : hand vise

Instrument used to hold and handle the plate while smoking it.

smoking-apparatus click to hear : smoking-apparatus

Instrument used to blacken the varnish and the plate with smoke; this makes the figure more visible during the engraving process.

smoking candle click to hear : smoking candle

Wax-covered wick used to blacken the plate with smoke.

tarlatan click to hear : tarlatan

Muslin used to wipe excess ink from the surface of the plate.

oilstone click to hear : oilstone

Stone used to sharpen tools.

varnish-roller click to hear : varnish-roller

Instrument used to spread varnish on the surface and prevent ink from adhering to it; it ensures that only the figure is inked.