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lithographic press click to hear : lithographic press

Manual printing press that uses pressure to print, on paper, an image created on a lithographic stone.
lithographic press image
achat d'image achat d'image

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gearbox press bed lithographic stone wheel roller frame scraper scraper bar holder pressure screw crank handle lever

gearbox click to hear : gearbox

Device fitted with a toothed gearwheel used to move the press bed.

press bed click to hear : press bed

Movable plate supporting the lithographic stone and the paper.

lithographic stone click to hear : lithographic stone

Exceedingly fine-grain limestone that absorbs both grease and water; it is the surface on which the figure is created.

wheel click to hear : wheel

Round metal parts over which the press bed slides.

roller click to hear : roller

Metal tube to which the wheels are attached.

frame click to hear : frame

Metal structure of the press.

scraper click to hear : scraper

Piece of leather-covered wood that slides over the lithographic stone and exerts pressure.

scraper bar holder click to hear : scraper bar holder

Piece that holds the scraper in place.

pressure screw click to hear : pressure screw

Piece that regulates the pressure on the scraper.

crank handle click to hear : crank handle

It manually controls the gearbox.

lever click to hear : lever

Arm that is pulled to exert the pressure needed to transfer the ink from the figure to the paper.