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equipment click to hear : equipment

Collective term for the materials, instruments and tools used for engraving and printing.
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mallet U-shaped gouge V-shaped gouge chisel block cutter knife

mallet click to hear : mallet

Hammer used to strike the heel of a sharp tool to drive it into wood.

U-shaped gouge click to hear : U-shaped gouge

Sharp U-shaped chisel used to remove areas to create large blank spaces.

V-shaped gouge click to hear : V-shaped gouge

Sharp V-shaped chisel used to dig deep angular grooves and to remove areas to create smaller blank spaces.

chisel click to hear : chisel

Sharp tool with a flat beveled blade used for engraving wood in the grain direction; it removes areas to create blank space around the figure and smoothes out the background.

block cutter click to hear : block cutter

Chisel with a beveled point used in engraving to achieve subtleties of line; it was once used on copper but is now used mainly on wood.

knife click to hear : knife

Tool used for engraving in the grain direction of the wood; it brings out the figure by means of incisions.