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lawn care click to hear : lawn care

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power mower safety handle motor accelerator cable spark plug casing deflector filler cap starter grassbox speed control ignition key handle

power mower click to hear : power mower

Motorized device using a rotating horizontal blade to cut grass over large areas.

safety handle click to hear : safety handle

Lever controlling both the blade rotation and the wheel motion.

motor click to hear : motor

Device converting the combustion of fuel and air into mechanical energy.

accelerator cable click to hear : accelerator cable

Cable connecting the speed control to the motor.

spark plug click to hear : spark plug

Instrument with electrodes that produce sparks that ignite the gaseous mixture in the motor’s combustion chamber.

casing click to hear : casing

Part supporting and covering a rotating blade for cutting the grass.

deflector click to hear : deflector

Part deflecting the cut grass toward the grassbox.

filler cap click to hear : filler cap

Cylindrical part plugging a tank’s filler opening.

starter click to hear : starter

Hand-activated device pulling a cable to start the motor.

grassbox click to hear : grassbox

Detachable container collecting the cut grass.

speed control click to hear : speed control

Mechanism for controlling the blade’s rotation speed and the motion of the mower.

ignition key click to hear : ignition key

Part that is inserted into the ignition switch to start or stop the motor.

handle click to hear : handle

Bar for moving and guiding the mower.