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pruning and cutting tools click to hear : pruning and cutting tools

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hedge trimmer blade tooth electric motor trigger hand protector cord

hedge trimmer click to hear : hedge trimmer

Portable electric tool with a toothed blade, for trimming hedges and borders.

blade click to hear : blade

Thin metal part using a back-and-forth motion of the teeth to trim plants.

tooth click to hear : tooth

Each of the small points forming the cutting part of the blade; their spacing determines the finishing quality.

electric motor click to hear : electric motor

Device transforming electric energy into mechanical energy to drive another device.

trigger click to hear : trigger

Mechanical connection device for switching the tool on or off by pressing it with a finger.

hand protector click to hear : hand protector

Part to protect the user from contact with the blade and to stop debris from being thrown toward the user.

cord click to hear : cord

Flexible electric wire housing the leads connecting the appliance to the electric circuit.