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watering tools click to hear : watering tools

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hose trolley hose nozzle trolley crank garden hose reel tap connector sprinkler hose pistol nozzle spray nozzle

hose trolley click to hear : hose trolley

Reel mounted on a cart, for transporting and storing a garden hose.

hose nozzle click to hear : hose nozzle

Detachable instrument attached to the end of a garden hose, for adjusting the shape and flow of the water spray.

trolley crank click to hear : trolley crank

Handle for rolling up the garden hose on the reel.

garden hose click to hear : garden hose

Circular pipe, flexible or semirigid, conducting water from a tap to a watering device such as a nozzle, gun or sprinkler.

reel click to hear : reel

Spool for quickly rolling and unrolling a garden hose.

tap connector click to hear : tap connector

Threaded part receiving a hose connected to a tap.

sprinkler hose click to hear : sprinkler hose

Hose with small openings through which water flows; placed on the ground, it deeply waters large areas.

pistol nozzle click to hear : pistol nozzle

Watering nozzle activated by means of a trigger flow switch.

spray nozzle click to hear : spray nozzle

Watering gun with a wide head that contains small holes, used for watering flowers and delicate plants with a fine shower.