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political map click to hear : political map

Type of map representing various countries and their territorial or administrative units.
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province city capital state country international boundary internal boundary

province click to hear : province

Territorial division run by a government elected by the population (in Canada) or appointed by a central authority (China).

city click to hear : city

Major urban center, characterized by a concentrated settlement whose activities revolve around industry, commerce, services and administration.

capital click to hear : capital

City where the government is located.

state click to hear : state

Each of the territories constituting a federation; the United States is divided into 50 states.

country click to hear : country

Territory inhabited by a citizenry and administered by a government; its borders are clearly established.

international boundary click to hear : international boundary

Boundary marking a country’s territorial limits.

internal boundary click to hear : internal boundary

Boundary marking the territorial limits of a province or state within a federated state.