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Radarsat satellite click to hear : Radarsat satellite

Canadian-built Earth observation satellite used to monitor environmental changes and natural resource use.
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solar array radar antenna remote command antenna Sun sensor Earth sensor thruster X-band antenna bus module payload module radar beam support structure sensor swath

solar array click to hear : solar array

Power supply device that converts solar energy into immediately usable electrical energy.

radar antenna click to hear : radar antenna

Antenna designed to emit electromagnetic wave beams and to capture the echo reflected by the Earth’s surface.

remote command antenna click to hear : remote command antenna

Type of antenna that allows the ground operation center to transmit commands to the satellite.

Sun sensor click to hear : Sun sensor

Instrument that positions the solar panels in the direction of the Sun to capture its energy.

Earth sensor click to hear : Earth sensor

Instrument that locates the Earth’s horizon so that the radar antenna can be positioned correctly.

thruster click to hear : thruster

Piece of equipment that generates the impetus required to move the satellite.

X-band antenna click to hear : X-band antenna

Type of antenna that emits and receives extremely high-frequency waves.

bus module click to hear : bus module

Section of the satellite connected to the payload and equipped with the resources needed to make it function.

payload module click to hear : payload module

Section of the satellite that houses detection materials and maintenance equipment.

radar beam click to hear : radar beam

Collective term for the fan-shaped trajectories of electromagnetic waves emitted in a given direction by a radar.

support structure click to hear : support structure

sensor swath click to hear : sensor swath

Width of the Earth’s surface observed during the passage of a satellite.