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seismographs click to hear : seismographs

Instruments that record seismic wave amplitude at a given point on the Earth’s surface.
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vertical seismograph vertical ground movement bedrock stand pillar mass spring pen rotating drum seismogram

vertical seismograph click to hear : vertical seismograph

Instrument that measures vertical ground movement.

vertical ground movement click to hear : vertical ground movement

bedrock click to hear : bedrock

Extremely hard rock mass joined with the subsoil.

stand click to hear : stand

Horizontal support that is secured to the ground.

pillar click to hear : pillar

Very solid vertical support.

mass click to hear : mass

Independent of ground movement, it remains stationary during an earthquake, thus serving as a reference for measuring the amplitude of tremors.

spring click to hear : spring

It keeps the mass from moving.

pen click to hear : pen

Writing instrument that converts ground movement into a line.

rotating drum click to hear : rotating drum

Secured to the ground, it rotates under the pen, recording ground movements on paper.

seismogram click to hear : seismogram

Graphic representation produced by a seismograph; the stronger the tremors, the greater the oscillations on the paper.