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room air conditioner click to hear : room air conditioner

Device installed in a window for cooling and circulating the air in a room.
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vent grille control panel function selector fan control thermostat louver casing

vent click to hear : vent

Grate through which outdoor air is drawn inward.

grille click to hear : grille

Grille through which the heated air is diffused in the room.

control panel click to hear : control panel

Panel containing the controls that operate the air conditioner.

function selector click to hear : function selector

Knob for regulating the temperature and the fan speed.

fan control click to hear : fan control

Knob for regulating the rate of air flow.

thermostat click to hear : thermostat

Mechanism that, by sensing changes in temperature, will automatically switch the air conditioner on or off.

louver click to hear : louver

Device directing cool air into the room.

casing click to hear : casing