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fluorescent tube click to hear : fluorescent tube

Tube in which the electric current produces ultraviolet radiation converted into visible light by a layer of a fluorescent substance.
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pinch exhaust tube lead-in wire pin bulb gas mercury electrode phosphorescent coating pin base

pinch click to hear : pinch

Part in which the lead-in wires are attached.

exhaust tube click to hear : exhaust tube

Glass tube used to empty the air from the bulb and then to fill it with inert gas before it is sealed.

lead-in wire click to hear : lead-in wire

Electric conductor carrying the current to the filament.

pin click to hear : pin

Cylindrical metal part that establishes electric contact when inserted into the corresponding outlet.

bulb click to hear : bulb

Long glass cylinder enclosing the components of this type of tube and diffusing light.

gas click to hear : gas

The tube is filled with an inert gas under low pressure, with mercury added.

mercury click to hear : mercury

A small amount of vaporized mercury, added to the gas, emits ultraviolet radiation during the electric discharge.

electrode click to hear : electrode

A device placed at each end of the tube; an electric discharge arcs between the two of them.

phosphorescent coating click to hear : phosphorescent coating

The tube’s internal coating; it is composed of phosphate particles that convert ultraviolet rays into visible light.

pin base click to hear : pin base

End of the tube equipped with two pins that, when inserted into the socket, connect the tube with the electric circuit.