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boiler click to hear : boiler

Device in which water is heated before being distributed to the radiators.
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heat exchanger heating element aquastat pressure relief valve burner air tube fire pot draft hole insulation box chimney

heat exchanger click to hear : heat exchanger

Set of pipes transferring the heat produced by combustion to the water.

heating element click to hear : heating element

Conduit in which the water is heated.

aquastat click to hear : aquastat

Device regulating the water temperature.

pressure relief valve click to hear : pressure relief valve

Mechanism for releasing pressure by letting off excess water or steam.

burner click to hear : burner

Device for mixing a flammable substance with air, and fanning and igniting this mixture in a boiler’s fire pot.

air tube click to hear : air tube

Cylindrical part covering the nozzle and the ignition electrodes; it joins the burner to the fire pot.

fire pot click to hear : fire pot

Part of the boiler where the combustion of air and heating oil takes place after they pass through the burner.

draft hole click to hear : draft hole

Peephole for viewing the inside of the fire pot.

insulation click to hear : insulation

Material covering the sides of the boiler to reduce heat loss.

box click to hear : box

Rigid metal casing for the boiler.

chimney click to hear : chimney

Channel through which combustion gases are evacuated.