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oil burner click to hear : oil burner

Device for mixing a flammable substance (heating oil) with air, then blowing and igniting this mixture in a boiler’s fire pot.
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ignition transformer nozzle electrode assembly air tube oil supply line oil pump oil supply inlet fan electric motor heat control

ignition transformer click to hear : ignition transformer

Device that changes the voltage of an electric circuit in order to produce a spark between two electrodes.

nozzle click to hear : nozzle

Tube through which the heating oil passes to be pulverized into tiny droplets; upon exiting, it mixes with air.

electrode assembly click to hear : electrode assembly

The mixture of heating oil and air is lit by an electric spark arcing between two electrodes.

air tube click to hear : air tube

Cylindrical part covering the nozzle and the ignition electrodes; it joins the burner to the fire pot.

oil supply line click to hear : oil supply line

Tube injecting heating oil into the burner and toward the nozzle.

oil pump click to hear : oil pump

Device compressing heating oil and directing it to the nozzle.

oil supply inlet click to hear : oil supply inlet

Tube carrying heating oil to the pump.

fan click to hear : fan

Device blowing air out of the burner to mix with the heating oil mist.

electric motor click to hear : electric motor

Device transforming electric energy into mechanical energy to drive another device.

heat control click to hear : heat control

Mechanism controlled by fluctuations in temperature; it can be set to automatically switch the burner on or off.