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electric furnace click to hear : electric furnace

Device using electricity for creating heat and blowing it through the duct system.
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filter access panel blower blower motor electric connection heating element plenum air return hot-air outflow

filter click to hear : filter

Device for retaining dust suspended in the air extracted from the dwelling.

access panel click to hear : access panel

Removable panel for accessing the furnace’s components.

blower click to hear : blower

Device blowing the hot air out of the furnace.

blower motor click to hear : blower motor

Device transforming electric energy into mechanical energy to drive another device.

electric connection click to hear : electric connection

Device connecting the electric furnace to the dwelling’s electric system.

heating element click to hear : heating element

Electric device heating the air before distributing it through the ducts.

plenum click to hear : plenum

Joining duct between the furnace and the hot-air distribution system.

air return click to hear : air return

Duct directing air from a room back to the furnace to be reheated.

hot-air outflow click to hear : hot-air outflow

Duct through which hot air leaves the main duct.