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ball-type faucet click to hear : ball-type faucet

Type of faucet fitted with a perforated ball that regulates both the flow of water and its temperature.
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spout aerator washer valve seat spring O-ring ball assembly packing retainer ring body bonnet handle

spout click to hear : spout

Curved end out of which water flows.

aerator click to hear : aerator

Device fitted with a screen and attached to the spout; it aerates the water and prevents splashing.

washer click to hear : washer

Part wedged between the packing retainer ring and the ball assembly to prevent leaking.

valve seat click to hear : valve seat

Gasket preventing the water inlet from leaking.

spring click to hear : spring

Elastic metal part that is kept under pressure to hold the valve seat in place.

O-ring click to hear : O-ring

Circular gasket, usually made of rubber, preventing water from leaking from the base of the faucet.

ball assembly click to hear : ball assembly

Perforated part letting water enter; it also mixes the hot and cold water.

packing retainer ring click to hear : packing retainer ring

Plastic part inserted into the body to keep the washer on the ball and to prevent leakage in the faucet.

body click to hear : body

Part covering the faucet’s mechanism.

bonnet click to hear : bonnet

Decorative part covering the body of the faucet; the handle turns on it.

handle click to hear : handle

Lever for controlling water flow and the mixture of hot and cold water.