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stem faucet click to hear : stem faucet

Device stopping or starting the flow of hot or cold water, as well as regulating its flow rate.
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valve seat thread spout spindle packing stem washer stem holder washer packing nut handle

valve seat click to hear : valve seat

Part against which the stem washer presses to prevent leakage.

thread click to hear : thread

Helical grooves at the end of the spout to which an accessory, such as an aerator, can be attached.

spout click to hear : spout

Curved end out of which water flows.

spindle click to hear : spindle

Metal unit that provides the link between the handle and the stem washer.

packing click to hear : packing

Gasket preventing the spindle from leaking.

stem washer click to hear : stem washer

Stopper attached to the bottom of the spindle. When inserted into the valve seat, it blocks the inflow of water; when raised, it allows the water to flow.

stem holder click to hear : stem holder

Bracket for the stem washer.

washer click to hear : washer

Part inserted over the spindle that fits into the body of the faucet.

packing nut click to hear : packing nut

Metal part allowing the packing to be tightened against the washer.

handle click to hear : handle

When turned, raises or lowers the spindle, allowing the water to be turned off or on.