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electric water-heater tank click to hear : electric water-heater tank

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high-temperature cutoff overflow pipe pressure relief valve drain valve electric supply access panel upper thermostat hot-water line cold-water line

high-temperature cutoff click to hear : high-temperature cutoff

Mechanism cutting off the flow of electric current when the temperature of the water exceeds a set value.

overflow pipe click to hear : overflow pipe

Pipe through which water escapes when maximum pressure is exceeded.

pressure relief valve click to hear : pressure relief valve

Device for lowering the pressure inside the tank by releasing excess hot water.

drain valve click to hear : drain valve

Device for emptying the liquid from the tank.

electric supply click to hear : electric supply

Point where the hot-water tank connects with the household circuit.

access panel click to hear : access panel

upper thermostat click to hear : upper thermostat

Device that senses changes in temperature and automatically switches the upper heating element on or off.

hot-water line click to hear : hot-water line

Outlet pipe for hot water flowing into the hot-water circuit.

cold-water line click to hear : cold-water line

Inlet pipe for cold water to the tank.