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cross section of a molar click to hear : cross section of a molar

Teeth are formed of two main parts: the crown (the visible protruding part) and one or several roots (the part inserted in the maxilla).
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enamel crown pulp chamber neck root canal cementum root dental alveolus alveolar bone plexus of nerves apical foramen apex periodontal ligament maxillary bone gum pulp dentin

enamel click to hear : enamel

Highly mineralized tissue covering and protecting the dentin of the crown; it is the hardest tissue in the organism.

crown click to hear : crown

Part of the tooth covered with enamel and protruding outside the gum.

pulp chamber click to hear : pulp chamber

Central chamber of the crown enclosing the dental pulp and extending through the root canal.

neck click to hear : neck

Narrow part of the tooth surrounded by the gum separating the crown from the root.

root canal click to hear : root canal

Extension of the pulp chamber containing the dental pulp and opening at the apex of the root.

cementum click to hear : cementum

Hard mineralized tissue comparable to bone covering and protecting the dentin of the root.

root click to hear : root

Part of the tooth covered with cementum, and implanted into the dental alveolus of the maxilla; certain teeth, such as the molars, have several roots.

dental alveolus click to hear : dental alveolus

Bony maxillary cavity in which the root of the tooth is implanted.

alveolar bone click to hear : alveolar bone

Section of the maxilla bone surrounding the dental alveola; its presence depends on the presence of teeth: it forms and disappears when they do.

plexus of nerves click to hear : plexus of nerves

Grouping of blood vessels and nerves that enters the pulp through the apical foramen to nourish the tooth.

apical foramen click to hear : apical foramen

Narrow orifice located at the terminal part of the apex allowing blood vessels and nerves to pass into the tooth.

apex click to hear : apex

Terminal part of the dental root whose opening (apical foramen) allows blood vessels and nerves to pass through.

periodontal ligament click to hear : periodontal ligament

Fibrous connective tissue joining the cementum to the bone, thus fixing the tooth into its alveolus.

maxillary bone click to hear : maxillary bone

Jawbone into which the teeth are inserted.

gum click to hear : gum

Thick section of the mucous membrane of the mouth that is rich in blood vessels and nerves; it covers the edge of the dental alveolus and adheres to the neck.

pulp click to hear : pulp

Soft conjunctive tissue that is rich in blood vessels and nerves; the pulp gives the tooth its sensitivity and plays an essential nutritional role.

dentin click to hear : dentin

Hard mineralized tissue forming the teeth; it surrounds the dental pulp and is protected by the enamel and cementum.