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rings click to hear : rings

Article of jewelry worn on the finger; it might have symbolic significance.
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band ring wedding ring engagement ring solitaire ring class ring signet ring

band ring click to hear : band ring

Ring of uniform width with no bezel.

wedding ring click to hear : wedding ring

Ring that is usually a circle of precious metal or two intertwined circles; it is worn by a married person on the left ring finger.

engagement ring click to hear : engagement ring

Ring that is often decorated with a stone and is worn by an engaged woman on her left ring finger.

solitaire ring click to hear : solitaire ring

Ring decorated with a single diamond that is usually brilliant cut.

class ring click to hear : class ring

Ring worn by a graduate that is engraved with the school crest and the student’s class year.

signet ring click to hear : signet ring

Ring with a large flat top that is decorated with initials or coats of arms.