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luggage click to hear : luggage

Articles such as suitcases, boxes and bags that are used to store and protect items packed for a trip.
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trunk cornerpiece latch fittings handle tray hasp

trunk click to hear : trunk

Large rigid sturdy piece of luggage that is used to transport objects.

cornerpiece click to hear : cornerpiece

Metal trim that reinforces the corners of a trunk.

latch click to hear : latch

Two-part metal accessory that holds the trunk lid closed.

fittings click to hear : fittings

Metal trim that reinforces the trunk.

handle click to hear : handle

It is used to pick up and carry the trunk.

tray click to hear : tray

Usually removable part inside a piece of luggage; it is divided into several compartments for storing articles that are to be kept separate from others.

hasp click to hear : hasp

Fastener that consists of a hinged pin with a lock that is anchored to the inner wall of the trunk; it fits over a ring attached to the lid and is secured by a lock bolt.