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shaving click to hear : shaving

Range of appliances and accessories used to cut the beard close to the skin.
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shaving foam after shave shaving brush bristle shaving mug

shaving foam click to hear : shaving foam

Product applied to the beard before shaving to soften the hairs and help the blade glide more smoothly.

after shave click to hear : after shave

Lotion applied to the face after shaving to soothe and scent the skin.

shaving brush click to hear : shaving brush

Brush with long firm bristles that is used to apply a thin coat of shaving lather to the face.

bristle click to hear : bristle

Part of the shaving brush made of hog’s hair or, more rarely, badger hair.

shaving mug click to hear : shaving mug

Container in which the shaving lather is made before it is applied to the beard.