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shaving click to hear : shaving

Range of appliances and accessories used to cut the beard close to the skin.
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double-edged razor handle collar head double-edged blade blade injector disposable razor

double-edged razor click to hear : double-edged razor

Manual metal razor; it has a double-edged blade that can be replaced as needed.

handle click to hear : handle

Part used to manipulate the razor during use.

collar click to hear : collar

Ring that adjusts the angle of the blade.

head click to hear : head

End of the razor that holds the blade in place; the head is screwed into it.

double-edged blade click to hear : double-edged blade

Disposable blade with two cutting edges doubling the blade’s useful life.

blade injector click to hear : blade injector

Small metal box containing spare blades.

disposable razor click to hear : disposable razor

Plastic razor with one or more overlapping blades that can be thrown away after a few shaves.