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smoking accessories click to hear : smoking accessories

Range of objects used for smoking tobacco in pipes, cigars or cigarettes.
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cigarette paper tobacco seam filter tip ashtray ash butt

cigarette click to hear : cigarette

Small roll of cut tobacco wrapped in thin paper; it often has a filter at one end and is made for smoking.

paper click to hear : paper

Very thin sheet of paper that is wrapped around the tobacco.

tobacco click to hear : tobacco

Product made from the dried leaves of a nicotine-rich plant; the leaves are treated and made into cigars or cigarettes for smoking.

seam click to hear : seam

Line along which the cigarette paper is sealed.

filter tip click to hear : filter tip

Tip at the mouth end for capturing some of the smoke’s toxic substances.

ashtray click to hear : ashtray

Receptacle into which smokers empty their pipe or leave the remains of their cigar or cigarette.

ash click to hear : ash

Residue left from burned tobacco.

butt click to hear : butt

Unburned portion of a cigar or cigarette.