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smoking accessories click to hear : smoking accessories

Range of objects used for smoking tobacco in pipes, cigars or cigarettes.
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carton cigarette pack trade name tear tape stamp cigarette papers

carton click to hear : carton

Unit of sale containing several cigarette packs.

cigarette pack click to hear : cigarette pack

Unit of sale containing 10, 20 or 25 cigarettes.

trade name click to hear : trade name

Trademark that has been registered so that only the legal owner may use it.

tear tape click to hear : tear tape

Strip of plastic that is torn away to remove the plastic covering the cigarette pack.

stamp click to hear : stamp

Rectangle of paper stuck on a cigarette pack to close it; it sometimes bears an excise stamp.

cigarette papers click to hear : cigarette papers

Set of very thin sheets of paper in which tobacco is rolled so individuals can make their own cigarettes.