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stitches click to hear : stitches

There are more than 100 embroidery stitches, grouped into various categories.
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flat stitches long and short stitch fishbone stitch loop stitches chain stitch feather stitch knot stitches bullion stitch French knot stitch couched stitches Romanian couching stitch Oriental couching stitch cross stitches herringbone stitch chevron stitch

flat stitches click to hear : flat stitches

Stitches usually used to fill in a design.

long and short stitch click to hear : long and short stitch

Stitch consisting of overlapping rows of long and short stitches to cover a surface.

fishbone stitch click to hear : fishbone stitch

Oblique stitch alternately arranged on the left and right of an imaginary axis.

loop stitches click to hear : loop stitches

Stitches forming an open or closed loop.

chain stitch click to hear : chain stitch

Stitch created by forming closed loops that are repeated like the links in a chain.

feather stitch click to hear : feather stitch

Stitch created by forming successive open loops, linked or unlinked.

knot stitches click to hear : knot stitches

Stitches created by winding the thread around the needle.

bullion stitch click to hear : bullion stitch

Stitch created by rolling the thread several times around the needle and reinserting the needle a little farther on to create a line of thread.

French knot stitch click to hear : French knot stitch

Stitch created by rolling the thread two or three times around the needle and reinserting it very close to the original point of insertion to create a cluster.

couched stitches click to hear : couched stitches

Stitches used to fill in and give relief to a design.

Romanian couching stitch click to hear : Romanian couching stitch

A stitch forms the base of the embroidery over the entire width of the line, and an angled or vertical stitch covers the center.

Oriental couching stitch click to hear : Oriental couching stitch

Vertical stitches are crossed with horizontal lines held together by isolated stitches staggered from one row to the next.

cross stitches click to hear : cross stitches

Stitches made up of a succession of diagonal straight stitches that meet and then change direction.

herringbone stitch click to hear : herringbone stitch

Stitch composed of intersecting diagonal straight stitches following two parallel lines.

chevron stitch click to hear : chevron stitch

Stitch consisting of diagonal straight stitches that meet at the top and bottom of two parallel rows.