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needle bed and carriages click to hear : needle bed and carriages

Metal piece with grooves in which the needles are inserted; the carriages slide over it to create a knit.
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tension dial carriage handle row number display stitch pattern memory accessory box main carriage row counter yarn feeder carriage control dial stitch control buttons color display pattern start key variation keys correction key rail weaving pattern lever weaving pattern brush arm nut arm lace carriage needle bed slide-bar needle bed groove

tension dial click to hear : tension dial

Graduated dial used to program the size of the stitch.

carriage handle click to hear : carriage handle

Part used to hold and move the main carriage.

row number display click to hear : row number display

Screen indicating the number of the next knitting row.

stitch pattern memory click to hear : stitch pattern memory

Keys to place the stitch patterns in memory.

accessory box click to hear : accessory box

Space designed to house the needles, the needle pushers, the attachments and so forth.

main carriage click to hear : main carriage

Device used to drag the arm, determine stitch size and type, etc.

row counter click to hear : row counter

Part that indicates the number of rows knitted.

yarn feeder click to hear : yarn feeder

Part in which the thread is inserted.

carriage control dial click to hear : carriage control dial

Button used to choose a type of stitch, select the needles and lift the main carriage from the needle bed.

stitch control buttons click to hear : stitch control buttons

Buttons used to select a type of stitch (e.g., moss stitch, stocking stitch, garter stitch).

color display click to hear : color display

Screen that posts a number corresponding to a color.

pattern start key click to hear : pattern start key

Key used to repeat a pattern starting with the first row.

variation keys click to hear : variation keys

Keys used to change the shape of a stitch pattern.

correction key click to hear : correction key

Key that is pressed to undo knitting.

rail click to hear : rail

Straight part along which the main carriage moves.

weaving pattern lever click to hear : weaving pattern lever

Switch that is raised to put the machine in knitting mode.

weaving pattern brush click to hear : weaving pattern brush

Brush used to clean the needles.

arm nut click to hear : arm nut

Button connecting the main carriage to the arm.

arm click to hear : arm

Device pushed over the needles to move them forward or backward, depending on the chosen stitch pattern.

lace carriage click to hear : lace carriage

Device used for knitting lace.

needle bed click to hear : needle bed

Metal piece with grooves that the needles fit into; it forms a row that reflects the chosen stitch pattern.

slide-bar click to hear : slide-bar

Metal piece with grooves on which the main carriage slides; it guides the main carriage.

needle bed groove click to hear : needle bed groove

Grooves where the shanks of the needles appear so they can be moved manually or by using the main carriage.