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turning click to hear : turning

Process of using a turning wheel to shape clay by hand to create an object.
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turning wheel footrest shaft plaster bat flywheel seat wheel head ball of clay

turning wheel click to hear : turning wheel

Mechanism used to give form to clay by means of a rotating movement operated by the feet.

footrest click to hear : footrest

shaft click to hear : shaft

Metal rod that connects the flywheel to the wheel head, transferring the rotation movement.

plaster bat click to hear : plaster bat

Disk placed on the wheel head so that the pieces created can be easily removed.

flywheel click to hear : flywheel

Plate controlled by the feet, which turn or stop the wheel head and regulate its rotation speed.

seat click to hear : seat

wheel head click to hear : wheel head

Turning plate controlled by the flywheel; the work in progress is placed on it.

ball of clay click to hear : ball of clay

Water-soaked clayey soil.