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fabric structure click to hear : fabric structure

The way the threads of the material are put together during weaving.
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selvage lengthwise grain crosswise grain bias underlying fabrics lining interlining underlining interfacing garment fabric

selvage click to hear : selvage

The finished border of a piece of fabric, woven more tightly than the piece it borders and parallel to the lengthwise grain.

lengthwise grain click to hear : lengthwise grain

Evenly spaced parallel threads arranged lengthwise along the fabric.

crosswise grain click to hear : crosswise grain

The threads that are passed through the lengthwise grain from one selvage to another; it is the width of the fabric.

bias click to hear : bias

Direction of a fabric; it is diagonal to the crosswise grain and the lengthwise grain.

underlying fabrics click to hear : underlying fabrics

Fabrics used to hold the shape of a garment and give it a professional finish.

lining click to hear : lining

Soft fabric cut from the same pattern as the garment inside which it is sewn; it gives body to the garment, embellishes it, hides its seams and makes it warmer.

interlining click to hear : interlining

Fabric used to make a garment warmer.

underlining click to hear : underlining

Fabric used to hold the shape of the garment and make it more opaque.

interfacing click to hear : interfacing

Tear-resistant fabric used to hold the shape of the garment and give it body.

garment fabric click to hear : garment fabric

Principal material used for the garment; it covers the underlying fabrics.