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sewing machine click to hear : sewing machine

Machine used to assemble two pieces of fabric by means of a series of stitches made with a needle and thread.
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head needle hinged presser foot bobbin needle plate slide plate tension block flat-bed stitch selector power/light switch reverse stitch button column stitch length regulator needle position selector handwheel bobbin winder pressure dial stitch width selector arm spool pin thread take-up lever thread guide

head click to hear : head

Vertical section that completes the needle’s drive mechanism; the presser foot extends from it.

needle click to hear : needle

Metal stem that passes the thread through the fabric to form a stitch.

hinged presser foot click to hear : hinged presser foot

Articulated end of the presser foot; it consists of two branches between which the needle passes.

bobbin click to hear : bobbin

Spool on which the lower thread is wound.

needle plate click to hear : needle plate

Metal plate with an opening that the needle passes through and two slits from which the feed dogs for the fabric protrude.

slide plate click to hear : slide plate

Plate that slides open, providing access to the lower stitching components.

tension block click to hear : tension block

Parts that control the tension of the upper thread.

flat-bed click to hear : flat-bed

Surface over which the pieces of fabric move.

stitch selector click to hear : stitch selector

Wheel used to select a stitch pattern.

power/light switch click to hear : power/light switch

Button that turns the machine and the sewing light on and off.

reverse stitch button click to hear : reverse stitch button

Switch that reverses the sewing direction.

column click to hear : column

Vertical section that supports the arm and houses part of the needle’s drive mechanism.

stitch length regulator click to hear : stitch length regulator

Dial used to set the length of the stitch; the numbers indicate the length in millimeters.

needle position selector click to hear : needle position selector

Part that selects the needle position (left, center or right).

handwheel click to hear : handwheel

Dial used to raise and lower the needle manually.

bobbin winder click to hear : bobbin winder

Pin on which the bobbin is placed to load it; the spool pin thread is transferred to the bobbin winder.

pressure dial click to hear : pressure dial

Mechanism used to set the pressure of the hinged presser foot on the fabric.

stitch width selector click to hear : stitch width selector

Mechanism used to set the stitch width.

arm click to hear : arm

Part that connects the head to the column; it houses part of the needle’s drive mechanism.

spool pin click to hear : spool pin

Pivot used to attach the upper spool of thread.

thread take-up lever click to hear : thread take-up lever

Lever that the upper thread goes through before it is threaded through the needle; it regulates tension.

thread guide click to hear : thread guide

Part used to direct the thread.