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high warp loom click to hear : high warp loom

Loom on which the warp threads are arranged vertically.
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support weft tapestry bobbin leash rod crossbar heddles heddle rod shed stick warp upright vertical frame

support click to hear : support

The base on which the loom rests.

weft click to hear : weft

Threads woven across the warp thread, along the width direction of the fabric.

tapestry bobbin click to hear : tapestry bobbin

High-warp tapestry instrument used as a shuttle to introduce the weft between the warp threads.

leash rod click to hear : leash rod

Thin strip of wood used to create leases.

crossbar click to hear : crossbar

Horizontal section of the frame.

heddles click to hear : heddles

Small wires with an eye through which the warp thread passes.

heddle rod click to hear : heddle rod

Piece of wood to which the heddles are attached.

shed stick click to hear : shed stick

Piece of wood that separates the warp based on the weaving pattern specified.

warp click to hear : warp

Evenly spaced parallel threads arranged lengthwise along the fabric.

upright click to hear : upright

Vertical section of the frame.

vertical frame click to hear : vertical frame

Wooden structure consisting of the loom’s stationary parts.