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airbrush click to hear : airbrush

Instrument that pulverizes paint or ink by means of compressed air pressure.
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cross section of an airbrush air valve air flow nozzle pivot needle fluid cup main lever needle assembly color spray

cross section of an airbrush click to hear : cross section of an airbrush

air valve click to hear : air valve

Valve that controls the flow of compressed air.

air flow click to hear : air flow

Compressed air moving toward the nozzle.

nozzle click to hear : nozzle

Metal part with an opening through which air and paint combine to create a color spray.

pivot click to hear : pivot

Component that opens the air valve and is controlled by the main lever.

needle click to hear : needle

Movable part that regulates the flow of paint and is controlled by the main lever.

fluid cup click to hear : fluid cup

Receptacle that holds the paint, a certain amount of which is drawn in with the air, depending on the position of the needle.

main lever click to hear : main lever

Device that releases air when pressed and slides back, moving the needle to open the nozzle to varying degrees.

needle assembly click to hear : needle assembly

Device in which the needle moves.

color spray click to hear : color spray

Pulverized paint.