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examples of tools click to hear : examples of tools

Tools: instruments used in sculpture to cut and file wood.
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firmer chisel gouge macaroni block cutter fluteroni

firmer chisel click to hear : firmer chisel

Flat chisel with beveled blade edges used to create straight cuts.

gouge click to hear : gouge

Chisel with a curved blade used to create canal-shaped grooves.

macaroni click to hear : macaroni

Chisel with a U-shaped blade at straight angles used for delicate work.

block cutter click to hear : block cutter

Chisel with a beveled point used in engraving to achieve subtleties of line; it was once used on copper but is now used mainly on wood.

fluteroni click to hear : fluteroni

Chisel with a U-shaped blade used for delicate work.