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network connection click to hear : network connection

Set of equipment and conductors allowing a customer’s electric installation to be connected to the public grid.
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fuse distribution panel service box main switch electricity meter distributor service loop ground wire low-tension distribution line medium-tension distribution line neutral conductor supply point customer’s service entrance connection point phase conductor

fuse click to hear : fuse

Electric connection device devised for interrupting the current in the event of electric overload by melting one of its components.

distribution panel click to hear : distribution panel

Set of devices forming the junction of the public electricity grid and the electric circuits of a dwelling.

service box click to hear : service box

Metal box containing the main switch.

main switch click to hear : main switch

Mechanism allowing a dwelling’s current to be cut off.

electricity meter click to hear : electricity meter

Device measuring the consumption of electricity by a dwelling.

distributor service loop click to hear : distributor service loop

Set of conductors extending the distribution line to the customer’s connection point.

ground wire click to hear : ground wire

Metal conductor inserted into the ground ensuring that accidental electric leakages are conducted to the earth.

low-tension distribution line click to hear : low-tension distribution line

Overhead electricity-distribution line with a maximum tension of 750 volts; its conductors are located under the transformer.

medium-tension distribution line click to hear : medium-tension distribution line

Overhead electricity-distribution lines with tension between 750 and 50,000 volts; its conductors are located at the top of the poles.

neutral conductor click to hear : neutral conductor

Conductor of a distribution line that, connected to a neutral point of the grid, returns the current.

supply point click to hear : supply point

Place where the customer’s service entrance is connected to the low-tension distribution line.

customer’s service entrance click to hear : customer’s service entrance

The customer’s portion of the electric hookup: from the service box to the connection point.

connection point click to hear : connection point

Place where the customer’s electric hookup is connected to the electric grid.

phase conductor click to hear : phase conductor

Live wire conducting the electric current.