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exterior door click to hear : exterior door

The exterior door comprises a moving part, the leaf, plus a frame. It provides access to and egress from the house.
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threshold weatherboard entablature top rail panel shutting stile lock doorknob bottom rail hinge hanging stile middle panel lock rail muntin jamb header cornice

threshold click to hear : threshold

Surface forming the bottom part of the door opening.

weatherboard click to hear : weatherboard

Sloped strip of wood allowing water to flow away from the door.

entablature click to hear : entablature

Level set of woodwork covering the doorway.

top rail click to hear : top rail

Level piece of wood at the top of the door.

panel click to hear : panel

Flat surface bordered by molding; it is often recessed.

shutting stile click to hear : shutting stile

Vertical part of the door on which the lock and doorknob are mounted.

lock click to hear : lock

Device mounted on the door allowing it to lock by using a key.

doorknob click to hear : doorknob

Device mounted on the door allowing it to open.

bottom rail click to hear : bottom rail

Level piece of wood at the bottom of the door.

hinge click to hear : hinge

Cylindrical metal part bent at an angle; it supports the door and allows it to swing.

hanging stile click to hear : hanging stile

Vertical part of the door to which the hinges are attached.

middle panel click to hear : middle panel

Long narrow panel placed horizontally.

lock rail click to hear : lock rail

Level piece of wood in the middle of the door.

muntin click to hear : muntin

Vertical piece of wood joining the top and lock rails.

jamb click to hear : jamb

Protruding part of a door’s framework on each side of the opening.

header click to hear : header

Level frame part enclosing the upper part of a door’s opening.

cornice click to hear : cornice

Protruding molding that rests horizontally across the entablature, protecting the parts beneath it from the rain.