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fireplace click to hear : fireplace

Masonry structure topped with a chimney and open in front; burning wood emits heat that is reflected from the inner hearth.
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woodbox mantel shelf base frame lintel mantel hood inner hearth jamb firebrick back corbel piece

woodbox click to hear : woodbox

Part of the fireplace where wood is stored.

mantel shelf click to hear : mantel shelf

Level top part of a fireplace’s mantel.

base click to hear : base

Pedestal protecting a room’s floor from the heat produced by the fireplace.

frame click to hear : frame

Metal piece around the edge of the fireplace opening.

lintel click to hear : lintel

Horizontal crosspiece above the hearth and supporting the mantel.

mantel click to hear : mantel

Part of the fireplace protruding over the hearth.

hood click to hear : hood

Part of a fireplace located above the mantel; it hides the chimney and allows the smoke to escape to the outdoors.

inner hearth click to hear : inner hearth

Part of a fireplace where combustion takes place.

jamb click to hear : jamb

Vertical facing making up the side of the hearth and supporting the upper parts of the fireplace.

firebrick back click to hear : firebrick back

Vertical facing making up the back of the hearth.

corbel piece click to hear : corbel piece

Piece protruding from a jamb or wall; it supports the mantel of a fireplace.