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rinceau volute splat base of splat cockleshell acanthus leaf scroll foot cabriole leg apron seat arm stump arm patera palmette

rinceau click to hear : rinceau

Decorative pattern, painted or carved, usually composed of curved plant elements.

volute click to hear : volute

Decorative pattern carved at the ends of the arms.

splat click to hear : splat

Armchair member supporting the back.

base of splat click to hear : base of splat

Part of the splat joining it to the apron of the chair.

cockleshell click to hear : cockleshell

Decorative pattern shaped like a shell.

acanthus leaf click to hear : acanthus leaf

Decorative pattern characterized by a series of carved leaves whose rounded top is in relief.

scroll foot click to hear : scroll foot

Carved ornamental foot of the armchair.

cabriole leg click to hear : cabriole leg

Small stile supporting the seat, curved outward toward the top and inward toward the bottom.

apron click to hear : apron

Wooden part surrounding and supporting the seat and into which the legs are fitted.

seat click to hear : seat

Level part of the armchair for sitting upon.

arm stump click to hear : arm stump

Vertical member supporting the arm and fastening it to the apron of the seat.

arm click to hear : arm

Side of the armchair supporting the arm on both sides of the seat.

patera click to hear : patera

Decorative pattern shaped like a rose or a star.

palmette click to hear : palmette

Decorative pattern shaped like a stylized palm leaf.