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gas range click to hear : gas range

Appliance for cooking food, equipped with gas-fed burners and an oven.
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burner control knobs handle control panel cooktop drawer door rack oven burner grate lid window

burner control knobs click to hear : burner control knobs

Instrument for starting and stopping the supply of gas and for controlling its flow.

handle click to hear : handle

Part for opening and closing the oven door.

control panel click to hear : control panel

Panel containing the programming keys for the burners and the oven.

cooktop click to hear : cooktop

Surface of the range on which the burners are arranged.

drawer click to hear : drawer

Sliding drawer at the bottom of the range in which sundry cookware is stored.

door click to hear : door

rack click to hear : rack

Metal grille for supporting cookware; its height is adjustable.

oven click to hear : oven

Closed part of the range, equipped with an upper heating element (broiler) and a lower heating element, in which food is cooked or heated.

burner click to hear : burner

Device producing a flame in order to cook food.

grate click to hear : grate

Metal grille supporting the cookware over the burners.

lid click to hear : lid

Flat top that is lowered to cover the appliance’s cooktop when not in use.

window click to hear : window

Thick window for looking inside the oven.