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refrigerator click to hear : refrigerator

Appliance with two compartments, one for keeping food cold and the other for freezing it.
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meat keeper shelf channel glass cover crisper refrigerator compartment shelf guard rail door shelf storage door dairy compartment butter compartment egg tray switch handle magnetic gasket thermostat control freezer compartment door stop freezer door ice cube tray

meat keeper click to hear : meat keeper

Compartment for storing meat.

shelf channel click to hear : shelf channel

Notched part to which the shelves attach.

glass cover click to hear : glass cover

Translucent shelf forming the cover of the crisper.

crisper click to hear : crisper

Compartment maintaining optimal temperature for conserving fruits and vegetables.

refrigerator compartment click to hear : refrigerator compartment

Compartment keeping food cold.

shelf click to hear : shelf

Metal removable support whose height is adjustable.

guard rail click to hear : guard rail

Part keeping food in place when the door is opened or closed.

door shelf click to hear : door shelf

Adjustable removable shelf fitted with a rim.

storage door click to hear : storage door

Door with rows of shelves and compartments.

dairy compartment click to hear : dairy compartment

Compartment for storing milk cartons.

butter compartment click to hear : butter compartment

Compartment with a pull-down door for storing butter.

egg tray click to hear : egg tray

Compartment for storing eggs.

switch click to hear : switch

Mechanism switching on the refrigerator light when the door is opened.

handle click to hear : handle

magnetic gasket click to hear : magnetic gasket

Rubber gasket keeping the doors watertight.

thermostat control click to hear : thermostat control

Knobs for regulating the refrigerator temperature.

freezer compartment click to hear : freezer compartment

Refrigerator compartment for freezing food.

door stop click to hear : door stop

Part that stops the door from opening too far.

freezer door click to hear : freezer door

ice cube tray click to hear : ice cube tray

Container with compartments for making ice cubes.