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support seat back front leg rear leg spindle apron stile cross rail top rail ear

support click to hear : support

Grouping that supports the seat, composed of the legs, spindle and apron.

seat click to hear : seat

Level part of the chair for sitting upon.

back click to hear : back

Part of the chair supporting the back.

front leg click to hear : front leg

Bottom end of the front part the support.

rear leg click to hear : rear leg

Bottom end of the stile completing the chair’s support.

spindle click to hear : spindle

Horizontal member joining two of the chair’s legs.

apron click to hear : apron

Wooden part surrounding and supporting the seat and into which the legs are fitted.

stile click to hear : stile

Part of a chair supporting both the back and the rear of the apron.

cross rail click to hear : cross rail

Horizontal member located in the center of the back.

top rail click to hear : top rail

Horizontal member located at the top of the back.

ear click to hear : ear

Top end of a chair’s stile.