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gate-leg table click to hear : gate-leg table

Table equipped with a folding panel that can be raised to enlarge the tabletop surface.
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crosspiece leg knob gate-leg stretcher apron drop-leaf top drawer

crosspiece click to hear : crosspiece

Stretcher joining the legs of a table to give it more stability.

leg click to hear : leg

Stile supporting the tabletop.

knob click to hear : knob

Part attached to the drawer allowing it to open.

gate-leg click to hear : gate-leg

Pivoting leg supporting the drop-leaf.

stretcher click to hear : stretcher

Level part of the gate-leg.

apron click to hear : apron

Member forming the frame and supporting the top, and in which the legs are fitted.

drop-leaf click to hear : drop-leaf

Panel that is lifted to enlarge the tabletop surface.

top click to hear : top

Level panel made from a wide range of material and forming the top of a table.

drawer click to hear : drawer

Sliding compartment encased in a piece of furniture.