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blinds click to hear : blinds

Devices that roll or fold up, serving to filter or block light and provide privacy.
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roller shade hem flat end pin shade cloth batten bracket round end pin

roller shade click to hear : roller shade

Shade with a roller containing a spring that causes the shade cloth to roll up.

hem click to hear : hem

Shade cloth hem through which the batten is inserted.

flat end pin click to hear : flat end pin

End of the roller regulating the spring’s tension and its stopping mechanism.

shade cloth click to hear : shade cloth

Piece of vinyl or stiffened cloth dressing a window.

batten click to hear : batten

Narrow flat wooden part that, inserted into the shade cloth’s hem, serves as support.

bracket click to hear : bracket

Part into which the roller pin is inserted and that supports the shade.

round end pin click to hear : round end pin

End of the roller serving as its axle; it turns in the bracket.