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curtain click to hear : curtain

Formal drapery placed in front of a window, often composed of several layers of curtains.
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tassel cord tieback draw drapery cornice sheer curtain holdback overdrapery

tassel click to hear : tassel

Decorative end of a cord tieback.

cord tieback click to hear : cord tieback

Plaited rope serving as a tieback.

draw drapery click to hear : draw drapery

Piece of decorative fabric sliding in front of a window to filter or block the light and provide privacy.

cornice click to hear : cornice

Strip of fabric affixed to rigid canvas or cardboard; it covers and hides the curtain rod.

sheer curtain click to hear : sheer curtain

Curtain made of a light fabric that filters the light entering a room.

holdback click to hear : holdback

Part attached to the wall for hooking the tieback.

overdrapery click to hear : overdrapery

Curtain covering another curtain.